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Welcome to Semlow Chiropractic
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Semlow Chiropractic is Here For You

Our team has been serving the Macomb community for over 40 years. With our wellness-focused practice, we’re here to help you and your family, live your best life possible.

Our Macomb location offers you a comfortable, professional atmosphere. Come in and meet the members of our family who are here to serve you: Dr. Kent Semlow

You’ll feel the Difference

At Semlow Chiropractic Clinic we believe that the human body has everything it needs to heal and remain healthy. As chiropractors, we simply remove the interference and allow your body to do the work. And it’s all-natural.

  • We’ll focus on you. We understand that you’re special, with unique needs and goals. So, we’ll create a specialized care plan for you and support you along your journey towards your best health.

  • We love families. We’ll gladly help all of your loved ones get healthy with you.

  • We see results. We’re known for the exceptional results we’ve seen with even some of the most difficult chiropractic cases.

Let’s Get Started!

Are you ready to feel your best? Our Macomb team is ready to help! Call (586) 247-7020 today and begin living your brightest life.

Dr. Kent Semlow
Macomb Chiropractor | Semlow Chiropractic | (586) 247-7020

15373 Hall Road
Macomb, MI 48044

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Reviews By Our Satisfied Patients

  • "I have been in the need of Chiropractic care since 1988 due to a rear end whip lash accident. Starting in N.J. to Florida to Michigan, Dr. Kent has been the best at keeping my horrendous cervical spine out of pain and moving! He is the greatest!"
    Carol R.
  • "After being injured in an automobile accident I was left with severe back, neck, and head pain. I was sent to one doctor after another and none of them seemed to be able to help me. My physician then sent me to Dr. Kent Semlow. I had never been to a Chiropractor before and was very skeptical and nervous about seeing one. After meeting with Dr. Semlow I felt very comfortable about him treating me. I can truly say that I was hooked after my first session! Dr. Semlow has been able to make me feel better then I thought I could."
    Judi V.
  • "First, I would like to thank Dr. Semlow and staff for being so patient, kind, and understanding. But most of all they really care. I have been to several Chiropractors in my life, and have found the best results and well-being here at Semlow. My neck and back can be sore, stiff, and hurt to move. After an adjustment I feel like a new man again. I totally trust Dr. Kent. I also believe in Chiropractic care and would recommend it to any and all."
    David G.